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How To Throw A Party | 10 Tips By DJ A-L

1. Create A Theme

Identify what the vibe for your party will be. Will it be a 90’s dance party, an all vinyl night of soul music or maybe a tribute night to a single artist's catalog?

2. Select A Venue

Pick a venue that will be perfect for your party. Consider things like foot traffic and overall aesthetic. If you are throwing a dance party make sure the venue is a place where people already like to dance at. It's better to book your party at a venue in a part of town that has people walking by it throughout the night than one that's off the beaten path and hard to find.

3. Book The Talent

Find artists who are professional on and off of the stage. Look for artists who know how to promote who can not only get people in the door but also keep them on the floor with their talent.

4. Find A Sponsor

Booking talent and running promotion for your party can be expensive. Find a sponsor to help offset your overall cost of producing an event. Offer to cross promote your sponsor by incorporating their logo on the flyers and posters as well as giving them physical space at your event to offer giveaways and promote their brand.

5. Design The Flyer

Hire a graphic designer or do it yourself to make your party look official. Brand your party with a design that makes people get excited. Design specific images for both online and print.

6. Promote The Event (Online)

Share your digital assets online through social media. Set up events on places like event brite and share on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Incentivize others to help you promote online by offering them free tickets and more.

7. Promote The Event (IRL)

Promote your event in real life by handing out flyers, hanging posters and telling people all about it. Find locations with high visibility to hang posters and be present at other event's to pass out hand bills and talk about your event.

8. Make A Mix

Give people a sample of what's to come by putting together a mix. Create a promotional mix people can listen to online or if you're promoting a nostalgic theme for your night put your mix on an old school format like CD or tape. Bonus points if you can get a local radio station to play it on the air leading up to your event.

9. Giveaways And Contests

Giveaways and contests are a great way to get people excited about your event. Create ticket giveaways online and contests at your show. If you are throwing an Halloween party a cash prize for best costume is a must.

10. Document The Event

Document the night by hiring a professional photographer and/or videographer. Capturing the highlights of your party will not only help you gain momentum for your next party but give your audience something to remember it by.

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